We are provide strategies for the professionalization of the cultural sector.
We build bridges that bring innovation to the creative market.
We are an interdisciplinary, active and dynamic team, ready to help you materialize your idea.


We bring an integrated vision to creative projects from Communication, Management, Production, Economy, Administration and Marketing for Culture.
We take on the challenge of organizing available resources and outlining priorities for action.
We develop the General Plan and the Administrative Plan, which are the keys to the execution of creative proposals.
We accompany the process of professionalization of artists and entrepreneurs of Culture, considering projects from their personal value.


We schedule personal meetings aimed at getting to know each other and diagnosing your project.
We identify the state of affairs of your project in relation to the market and its references at a global level.
We propose a strategic design to execute actions with identity and sustainability.
We accelerate the execution of the project, detecting opportunities and optimizing the application of the Plan.
We enable bonds and strategic circuits to enhance your proposal.


Sin Coordenadas arises from the creative synergy working in a collaborative way, and applying a gender perspective.
Production Company since 2009, developing collaborative actions with a triple impact, considering a social and environmental perspective and sustainability actions.
It has generated scenic productions tours, counseling and multidisciplinary creative developments at a national and international level.
Among its own productions, the following stand out: "Extraño en Abdopción" (2010-2014) and "Proyecto Cuarzo" (2018).
Together with public and private institutions, it has assessed and generated training actions in topics such as: Cultural Policy, Economy of Culture, Society and Culture and Cultural Statistics.
It carries out surveys and diagnoses, closely following market trends
It holds a proactive attitude which helps maintain an updated perspective.


To contribute to the materialization of ideas and creative projects in a professional framework.
To promote strategic ties and links in order to guarantee quality and accessibility in the cultural field.
To involve professionals from different areas: arts and sciences, in order to produce new work developments.
To prioritize the value of cultural work for the consolidation of identities.


To achieve the maximum professionalization of the field in order to expand the cultural value.
To add value to the work chain, considering instances of the cultural creation process with greater quality and definition


To bring together professionals from different areas who collaborate with the new construction of knowledge from a cultural and creative perspective.

To strengthen communities that mobilize innovative cultural services and products in the market.

To enable technological tools and languages in the area of the Creative Economy, in order to incorporate them into the development of a dynamic and sustainable activity in the cultural field.

To help materialize the creative power that each project can bring to its community.
Structure and light grid for assemblies, exhibitions, stages, cultural spaces, museums, galleries and outdoor interventions.
LED technologies and lighting plans.